For years I have been using the lavender oil of Boer Wim (Farmer Wim) and I still enjoy using it. This beautiful essential oil knows many possible applications. The deeply relaxing lavender smell always touches the people, that use the oil or who visit me during herbal events. That is the reason that the lavender oil can also be ordered by mail for € 5,95 per bottle, additonal export and shipping costs excluded. If you like to give the bottle to someone as a present, then I can wrap it for you in a nice lavender colored organza bag filled with lavender colored sisal. The costs will then be € 6,95 per wrapped bottle of lavender oil, additional export and shipping costs excluded. If you rather buy the lavender oil during one of the herbal events in which I take part in, then look under Activities and agenda. I love for you to get acquainted with the origine and the effect of the lavender oil of Boer Wim.

Origin of lavenderoil

This lavender oil has its origine in Orgnac, France at the border of the regions Ardeche and the Provence. The lavender comes from the fields of a Belgian lavender farmer who, after having an animal farm for children, discovered the various possibilities of the usage of lavender oil. He therefore decided to grow lavender at his holiday farm in France and in the meantime he sold the lavender oil and all kinds of lavender products at his lavender shop in Turnhout, Belgium. He even came up with a new word: to lavender. This to him means rediscovering yourself through lavender and nature. Apparently lavender changed his life in more than one way as he decided to move to France to live on his lavender farm permanently.

Lavandula grosso

This lavender is a variety within the lavender family. It has a beautiful lavender smell with a slight touch of camphor. Lavender plants like the sun and do not like wet feet. Therefore they grow best in Mediterranian countries or in countries with a similar climate.

Usage of lavenderoil

  • Lavender oil calms you down after a busy day or during a stressful period
  • It helps you sleep better
  • If you have a light headache, lavender oil can give a relief
  • Rub a drop of lavender on a musquito bite and the itchy feeling will deminish
  • It works wonderful as an air refresher
  • Insects don’t like lavender oil
  • Lavender oil is a good desinfectant for cuttings and abrasions
  • It has a positive effect on burn marks (not open)
  • Lavender oil has a recovering effect on the skin
  • It brings you in a better mood as you can almost smell summer and the south of France
  • You can use lavender oil in a bath. As oil floates on water, the following should be done. Put 8-10 drops in half a cup of milk and add this to your bath water. If you want to take a foot bath, than put 3-4 drops to half a cup of milk and add this to your foot bath.

Things to know

Please use this lavender oil for external purposes only! Lavender oil is one of the few essential oils that can be put on the skin directly. If you do put lavender oil on your skin, please keep this part of your skin uncovered. Under normal use this essential oil does not leave stains on fabrics or other materials.