Who is Gifts of Nature?

My discovery in nature

Although I always enjoyed supporting others in the development of their entrepreneurial skills and to make their company and organization more succesful, in the last period more often I had the feeling that I put on a jacket in the morning that I took off again in the evening, after which I could be myself again. At the same time more and more I got the feeling that something else in life was in store for me. Therefore I went back to my youth and discovered again where already then my heart was interested in: nature and herbs. During this exciting journey I naturally resorted to nature, herbs and smells to know who I am again and to listen well to myself. In nature I discoverd  what I want to do with my life: to live as naturally as possible, to enjoy nature in all her facets and to share my experiences with others. With success I completed a herbalist education and the study Nature Experience, which makes it possible to, with the input of insights based on nature, use the power and wisdom of nature for personal growth of individuals and groups of people. Because in the meantime something else became clear to me: I am a coach at heart and this way I can combine this passion and my personal and professional experience with my love for and the endless learning possiblities of nature. And this is how Gifts of Nature started.

The beauty of nature

Looking back on my life, nature always played an important role. Already as a child I took plants apart to see how they grew and made paintings from dried wild flowers. Even then I loved visiting a herbgarden, because the smell touched me. Years later I also decided to grow butterflies. However one of the most important events in my youth that connected me to nature definitely, was my trip to Canada and the USA when I was 15 years old. Nature here was so overwhelming to me, that I wanted to come here more often. Many journeys to Canada and the USA followed, always with the intention to visit National parks, to spot wildlife and to learn about the herbs and the Northern American native culture. The enormous beauty of nature still touches me and I realize that I am part of the same nature.

A beautiful nature lesson

Many special encounters followed also in other countries, among which one with a dolphin in Costa Rica. This dolphin stranded on a deserted island where I was at that moment. Together with seven other local people, who were also there that day, we kept the dolphin wet and finally because of our own strength and usage of a boat we pulled the dolphin back to the ocean. What a touching moment it was, when the dolphin swam away from us. However, that was not all that day. During our boattrip back to the continent one of my long-cherished dreams came true: all of a sudden right in front of us a mother humpback whale, her little one and also dad whale came out of the oceanwater and let us enjoy their jump- and dive arts. According to our guide this was our reward of nature, because we saved the dolphin. As if there was some kind of silent agreement between nature and ourselves: if you take care of nature well than nature takes good care of you. What a beautiful lesson of nature.

Sharing experiences with others

With Gifts of Nature another dream has come true for me, namely to be able to share my many journey and nature experiences with others. The pictures of beautiful nature that I make during my nature travels, will be used in many ways during the coaching. Encounters and nature events that have enriched me, can possibly also give others new insights and therefore I like to share them with everyone.

In connection with nature

Gifts of Nature is an extension of me: me and the coach/entrepreneur are one. It is great to live my life the way I want to live it everyday: in connection with nature and my own nature.