Nature is an experience

Besides the external appearance of nature, nature is also an experience, that brings us endlessly more than we sometimes realize and of which I make use of regularly during nature coaching.


  • moves and wonders you and brings you closer to your heart
  • teaches you lessons, which support you on your lifepath
  • brings peace and relaxation
  • lets you be who you are
  • gives air and space
  • makes humble, thankful and gives faith that everything will be allright
  • brings you closer to your knowing, your intuition, through which you will get more self-confidence
  • makes you feel part of everything that is alive
  • shows her survival effect, which supports you during difficult moments in your life
  • lets you see, smell, feel, taste and experience
  • offers surprise, excitement and enjoyable relaxing moments
  • lets you look at animals and learn from their behaviour
  • lets you discover her plants, flowers, herbs and trees
  • shows you that different seasons are necessary for the growth of everything that lives
  • lets you see things in perspective
  • shows that everything that lives counts

NP De Loonse en Drunense Duinen

To be able to be ourselves again, we need nature. And where can we better look for nature than in National Park De Loonse en Drunense duinen. This unique park, with one of the largest sand dune areas in Europe, shows many landscapes and a variable vegetation.

No matter how often you come here or on which moments, there is always new natural beauty to discover and to experience. Even an encounter with a deer, a roebuck or a fox cannot be excluded. More natural surprises are present, which I love for you to discover by yourself during the naturecoaching walks or other activities from Gifts of Nature.