Mission and vision


Gifts of Nature stands for natural living and enjoying yourself in a natural way. My mission and wish is to connect people with nature, so they will reconnect with their own nature. As a naturecoach and herbalist I bring individual and groups of people in a coaching and natural way in touch with nature. Nature will be put in as a mirror, an enormous source of inspiration, information, amazement, emotion and as a unique experience. This all takes place while walking through the beautiful National Park De Loonse en Drunense Duinen in the southern part of The Netherlands.


We all are a part of nature. Nature helps us to become ourselves again, to look at ourselves and to learn from it. It is a pitty to continue living a life that does not fit with who we are, eventhough at some moments we don’t know yet how to get there where we want to be or circumstances ask us to make other choices. However, in this context, we can take responsibility for our own life and live our life, sometimes even step by step, as we know deep within ourselves that is good for us and as it is meant to be for us. Also for you it is possible to live a fulfilling life, that suits you best. Nature lets you come home to this.