Experience participants

Being in connection with the elements around you in the Drunense dunes. Being in connection with my vulnerabilities, my fears. Being in connection with my strength. Being in connection with my humanity. Marga, I find your accompanying walk through the wood and the dunes in Brabant very special. For me it was a walk through which I found the strength to look at my humanity. Dwelling on the beauty of this nature in it’s shape, color, smell and sound, I have experienced as listening to and feeling the elements within myself. It is very special to dwell on my own humanity in this manner. To experience that it is beautiful in it’s shape, color, smell and sound. It feels good to create balance through which I can grow further in my humanity.


Again I would like to thank you for the walk of this morning. It was a fine experience. Especially your enthousiasm and openness made it feel safe for me. To be with others in this way gives me a good feeling. Thank you.