Nature coaching

Making a personal change

Often we know deep in our heart that a change is desirable, but at the same time we ask ourself the questions: what do I want and can I manage that, why did something go wrong, why do I now have other desires than earlier, why do the same patterns keep coming up, what is my passion, what am I good at, what kind of labour do I want to do and much more. Repeatedly all considerations are playing in the head, especially when a transformation asks for courage and because of that we keep rotating in the same circle.

At that moment it feels good to be able to break this with somebody, who:

  • can empathize what you go through
  • clarifies the core of your situation with you
  • can let you experience again where your heart goes out to
  • lets you see which unique skills and qualities ¬†you possess
  • guides you in a personal, practical en natural way in the change wished by you

Your natural way of living

Nature coaching will help you with this. While you and I walk in the beautiful National Park De Loonse en Drunense Duinen, nature itself makes sure that all your senses are being touched and immediately you will start to relax more, think less and therefore you will be more in touch with your feelings. In the mean time you have the opportunity to speak to me about your situation and life desires in your pace and in a way that is agreeable for you. Naturally room is offered for all the emotions that come up. While experiencing and enjoying the beautiful nature you will soon get new insights, especially because herewith nature will be used as a mirror by me. Nature and my guidance will give you more clarity about yourself and your life purpose. Depending on the moment and your situation I herewith make use of all kinds of entertaining and practical insight exercises and also my knowledge of and experience with herbs and smells will be included in the nature coaching. Besides all of this you will receive suggestions for a natural way of living, that fits your natural life rythm.

A unique experience of nature

All in all I bring you in contact with nature in a coaching and natural way, so you:

  • will learn to enjoy nature again
  • get to know yourself better
  • get new insights to give your life a new twist
  • from now on know how to gain your peacefulness and wisdom through nature
  • discover what your passion is and can start living and working according to your passion

You may undergo a unique experience of nature. The best part is that you do not have to mispresent in nature and with me. Therefore wear clothing during a walk, in which you feel comfortable, that may become dirty and that suits the weather circumstances of that day. No matter what kind of weather, a walk will always go through, because weather conditions and also the seasons can give you new insights in yourself.



  • Individual nature coaching
  • Nature coaching for groups, companies and organizations


  • Experience of nature
  • Living naturally
  • Nature as a life lesson
  • Discover your natural passion
  • Communication with nature
  • All the senses at work
  • Living and working with the seasons (cycle of 4 workshops)


  • Springwalk
  • Midsummerwalk
  • Autumnwalk
  • Midwinterwalk