As a herbalist (herb specialist) and also the chairlady of the Dutch Guild for Herbalists:

  • I am specialised in the usage of herbs for health, personal care and nutrition
  • I advice on herbs
  • I make herbal products like for instance tea, tincture, herbaloil, cream and sirup
  • I am fascinated by the many herbal applications
  • I will always search for new facts and possiblilites of and with herbs in The Netherlands as well as abroad
  • I like to share my enthousiasm for and my knowledge of herbs with others

Herbs connect us to nature again and the usage of herbs supports a natural way of living. Besides this, herbs activate our senses en let us look, smell, taste and feel again. And that is exactly what I, as a herbalist, want to achieve: to let others enjoy another again unique way of nature experience by means of herbs. Because, how pleasant is it to enjoy all the herbal smells and to pick herbs for a tea while walking? Or to harvest dandelions along meadows to make sirup or to give this as a present to somebody else? I therefore gladly take you with me on a discovery through herbal country to let you enjoy all the beauty that herbs offer. If you want to know more about the herbal activities that I organize, please look under Activities and Agenda. Besides the offered workshops and walks, herbal activities can also be customized.


  • Herbal walks
  • Herbal advice
  • Making of herbal products
  • Organization of herbal events
  • Enjoying lavender
  • First-aid with herbs
  • Activate your senses with herbs
  • What herbs can say about yourself
  • Through the 4 seasons with herbs
  • aking herbal surprises
  • Butterfly herbs
  • Making natural cosmetics
  • Making herbal drinks