Smell experience

The way we experience smells is very personal and cannot be put into words, because how do you desribe a smell? And if we even know how to describe a smell, does the other then understand what smell we are talking about? Therefore it is nicer to dwell on the experience of smell or in other words what smell can do for somebody.


  • bring us into contact with nature and therefore our own nature
  • touch our heart
  • let us reminisce and relive our memories
  • offer relaxation
  • can support us at times, when we are in need of it
  • unconsciously do something to us
  • let us experience special moments with others

My personal smell experience

Consequently smells offer a totally different, surprising way of experience of nature. A while ago this became clear to me in an astonishing manner, when t I went for a walk in the Loonse and Drunense dunes. It was still very early in the morning and besides my walking partner and myself, there was nobody present at that moment. Just before a bend, from which  I could not see beyond, I smelled a strong odour that reminded me of the sweaty skin of a dog. A moment later I was pleasantly surprised: I had smelled two deer that looked at us for a while and dare to stand still in our presence, before they took off into the woods again. Possibly they smelled us too. Our smells brought us closer together for a little while, let us get acquainted and communicate with each other in a totally different way and provided a touching and special moment for me. I would like for you to experience the same emotion and amazement, together with all the beauty of smells that nature offers.  If you also want to enjoy the delightful natural smells and to learn what they can do for you, then please look under Activities and agenda.



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