Nature coaching

At some moments in our life we see ourselves placed for the decision: continuing our life in the same way that might not be sufficient or satisfying anymore but which feels safe. Or to go in another direction that may not always be easy, but which is very fascinating. A way that will lead to a life that we actually want to live and to becoming who we are.



Herbs are plants to which healing qualities are attributed to. For centuries herbs are used to promote health. Already by then people knew that nettles have a cleansing effect because of their moisture floating properties,  purple coneflower was made use of with snake bites and did marigold soften skin problems. Fortunately,  because of the many applications of herbs, all this herbal knowledge has been retained.



Nature knows a variety of smells, like the one of blooming lilacs in spring, mowed grass in the summer and a burning woodfire in the winter. Nor good nor bad smells exist in nature: all smells have their own function and meaning in nature. Natural smells let us come into bloom again and let us enjoy all the beauty that nature also offers.



I also offer nature coaching and nature experience activities for groups of people. In a refreshing way I let you see and experience nature from a different prospective. Also I herewith aim at companies and organizations, which find it important that their employees and teams grow because of new insights in themselves and in the team. Hereby workshops that are offered by me can be chosen for, see Activities and agenda.

Besides the existing activities, a unique workshop or nature experience activity, which meets the wishes of the group and fits the occassion, can be organised within the possibilities of Gifts of Nature. Enjoying nature together in a relaxing way and getting to know each other better in a natural manner will be the starting-point.